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Fraud and Insurance


Accident Reconstruction

Whether personal or business, dealing with accidents and their aftermath is never easy. If you find yourself struggling to find evidence for court cases or dealing with the insurance company, our investigators can help. We can use forensic data, as well as available technologies to make sure you have a tight case.


Don’t lose sleep over an accident.

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Process Server

Need a legal document delivered by an independent, verified third-party? This process requires more than just showing up at the recipient’s home. Perhaps the person has disappeared? Our investigators can find and determine the appropriate time and place to make sure delivery happens smoothly and without incident.


Make sure your legal documents are delivered. Contact Us today!


Employment Fraud, Theft, Undercover Operations

Are you an employer that suspects something illegal is happening at your company? Has someone exaggerated an injury? Do you need to conduct a loss prevention audit? Need assistance setting up a security system or crisis management plan? Our investigators can work with you on any security consulting and investigative needs. 


Protect your business and your employees.

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Accident Reconstruction
Process Server
Fraud Theft Undercover
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