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Undercover Operations

If you’re a business owner that needs assistance, or simply someone that needs information, we can step in as an undercover operative. We can help identify areas of employee theft, and gain vital information. Our investigators will work with you to formulate a plan to determine how to get the information you need.


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Personal Surveillance

You have questions. Something isn’t adding up. Whether it’s an employee, a relative, a significant other, or spouse, you’re suspicious and need a level of discretion and objectivity that you can’t provide on your own. Our investigators can provide electronic and physical surveillance to give you the answers you deserve. 


Don’t act on your suspicions alone.

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Vehicle Tracking

While a simple GPS can be added to a car, unless you are the owner of the car, it’s illegal in the state of South Carolina. There are multiple tools available at our disposal that might not be available to you within the confines of the law. Our investigators will uphold all legal regulations and provide you with the information you require. 


Understand the steps available.

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Undercover Ops
Personal Surveillance
Vehicle Surveillance
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