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Missing Persons


GPS Investigations

Mobile phones can shed more information on a person’s whereabouts. Between using the built in GPS information as well as the geo-tagged information in photos and social media, more information than ever is available. Our investigators can use this information to give you peace of mind or to prove your suspicions.


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Vehicle Tracking

While a simple GPS can be added to a car, unless you are the owner of the car, it’s illegal in the state of South Carolina. There are multiple tools available at our disposal that might not be available to you within the confines of the law. Our investigators will uphold all legal regulations and provide you with the information you require. 


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Fraud/Theft Operations

Are you an employer that is dealing with employee theft or misappropriation? Has someone disappeared without explanation? Do you need skip tracing? Need assistance setting up a security system or crisis management plan? Our investigators can work with you on any security consulting and investigative needs. 


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MP GPS Investigations
Vehicle Tracking
Fraud Theft
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